arian stechert piano technician and tuner in berlin


Piano tuning

Berlin: 105,- EUR
Approach for more then 10km from Berlin Friedrichshain 10,- EUR
Surrounding of Berlin: on request

Your piano will be tuned equally tempered by ear. I also do pitch raises if your piano is far below the standard pitch. Therefore, in most cases two appointments within 2 - 3 weeks will be necessary.

I do also sell a piano tuning as a gift certificate. Please send me your request via e-mail.

Inspection / expertise

The cost for counselling is 60 Euro. In case of a tuning appointment, I also value the condition of your piano free of charge.


The costs for reparations, action reconditioning as well as general overhauls will be charged according to the time and effort it needs. Please send me an e-mail or call 0163 8745975 to make an appointment for an inspection. Afterwards I am able to calculate a concrete offer for you.

All prices include 19% VAT.