arian stechert piano technician and tuner in berlin

About me


Arian was born in Berlin. Since he was 10 years old, he plays piano, guitar and drums. The huge sound variety and dynamic range of pianoforte-instruments allways mostly inspired him.

From 2005-2007, he studied audio engineering at SAE College Berlin and has written his final thesis about the construction of concert grand pianos as well as miking for piano recordings. This thesis brought him to deepen his knowledge about piano-making and so, in 2008, he started the apprenticeship with the german premium manufacturer "Schimmel Pianos" in Braunschweig. After 3,5 years, he finished it in January 2012 with honour.

In 2012, Arian travelled to South Africa to gain more experience in restoring pianos. He worked with "Lona's Pianos", a huge piano restoring company, that serves customers throughout the whole country. That gave him a good practice in tuning, regulation and voicing of grands and uprights as well as counselling in direct contact to custumers.

From 2013 - 2015, he visited the "Meisterschule" for Klavier- und Cembalobau in Ludwigsburg. After passing all 4 exams (economics, education, theory, practice) in August 2015, Arian is qualified as "Klavierbaumeister". Since then, he lives and works as self-employed piano restorer and tuner in Berlin.